المشكلة أنه لا يوجد مشكلة

The problem is no problem

The problem is no problem

The big difference is between focusing on the problem and focusing on solving the problem

Example 1

While NASA was starting to equip spacecraft for outer space encounters

A big problem, this problem is that the astronauts will not be able to write by

Pens due to lack of gravity, meaning that the ink will not fall from the pen on paper in any

In any case, what do they do to solve this problem ???

to solve the problem

They conducted studies lasting about 10 years and more than $ 12 million to develop

Rarely java can write in the absence of gravity, not only that

And also write on any smooth surface until the crystal, also write in the temperature

Up to 300 ° C.

the alternative solution

When the Russians faced the same problem, they simply decided to use pencils as an alternative

Dry pens

Example 2

Once in Japan and with a huge soap factory faced with a big problem – the cans problem

Which are not packed with soap due to the error in packaging, what they do to reveal

The empty cans of packaged !!! ????

to solve the problem

The Japanese have built an X-ray machine to detect soap inside

Cans and put it in front of the line of cans exit delivery department, the appointment of new workers to do

By removing the empty cans exposed by the device

the alternative solution

In another factory smaller than the previous when faced with the same problem, they came with a fan

Electronically controlled their power to suit the weight of empty cans and were routed to a line

Exit the cans in the delivery section so that the empty box will fall on its own

By air rush

The logical result

See to solve the problem and do not look at the same problem .. Think of a simple solution and left

So where is the problem?

The problem is that there is no problem .. !!


The problem is no problem

That there are people who are adept at solving problems in magical and easy ways .. Others are adept at

Zoom in the problem solving  not the problems.

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